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TMB Notes are a company that sells e-cig liquid. Chris designed a point of sale to display their products in a retail setting. Red and black were used to appeal to mostly male consumers and the imagery used was based on fluidity and movement of the liquid.

Also produced were the packaging designs for an apple flavour e-liquid. The design was based on a traditional label to fit the nature of Granny Smith’s being an old and trusted brand. This gives the e-liquid a distinction from other brand leaders, helping TMB notes sell to new customers and get a jump on the competition.

Chris was then asked to design a range of e-liquids called ‘Max VG’. Coloured circles were used to represent the particles of the liquid and to also add an attractive design element. The typeface used on the ‘Max VG’ letters was also chosen to represent fluidity and movement.

The latest design was for a special flavour called Two Trees. Chris used elements from the other designs to carry on the range and keep the design as part of the overall brand.