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Colman’s have been making fine quality mustards in Norwich for over 180 years and are largely recognised as the best in the world. They have earned their place on the great British dinner table and are one of the most iconic brands. This makes their branding very special and not something easily changed overnight. These brands undergo small ‘tweaks’ every few years to keep the graphic design fresh and alive which mostly go unnoticed by the consumer.

However sometimes it is appropriate to re-awaken interest with a one-off ‘special’ product range. Chris pitched a novelty packaging graphic design to Colman’s Mustard in Norwich, Norfolk to coincide with the release of a new Superman film. The logo idea came from the strength and power of Superman used as a metaphor for the strong mustard taste.

The same logo colour pallets were in use for both brands so they neatly dovetailed together, similar in the way Guinness and Marmite worked well together.